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How to Write an Article For Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

When creating a piece on how to write an article, there are a series of questions that must be considered at the beginning in order to sketch out a draft that resonates with readers. Crafting a report can be an arduous and time-consuming task that necessitates a fair amount of contemplation and analysis. If you want to know how to write an article, there is a process to adhere to that ensures that your audience interests the intended audience and features useful, easy to understand the content.

Writing an article for any industry is difficult, but for a business, it is even more imperative to produce information that is clear, concise, and includes all of the facts necessary to support your claims and any future projections that are part of the article. An effective article is able to flesh out each area of the process in laymen’s terms that are easy to follow and execute. No matter your experience level when it comes to writing, anyone that has a basic understanding of a topic can learn how to write an article. The following guidelines will ensure that you know how to write an article for your business in 5 easy steps.

Here’s how to write an article for business in 5 easy steps:

  1. Come up with a purpose for your content.

  2. Consider Your Audience

  3. Choose a Topic

  4. Perform Topic Research

  5. Analyze the Gathered Data

1. Come Up With a Purpose For Your Content

One of the first rules for writing a business article is bringing it into focus to ensure that the content is not too vague or generalized. The business article should include the most vital points relevant to the business situation as well as any proposed future strategies. Formulate questions that are clear of the intent of your business article as the first crucial step so that the actual writing will be easier down the road. Some questions you can ask are:

  • What problem is my audience trying to solve?

  • How does solving this problem benefit my audience?

  • What steps can they implement to solve this problem?

  • How should this article be formatted (List, How-To Guide, Video, etc)?

2. Consider Your Audience

Another crucial component of writing an effective business article is understanding the needs and desires of your core audience. As the target group, your readers should have all of their questions answered succinctly as most people typically do not read entire articles. When possible, always include the important data to support any of the points discussed within the paragraphs of the article.

3. Choose a Topic

If you want to engage your readers, how to write an article effectively is to choose topicsthat will pique your interest enough to research for an extended amount of time. Make sure that the topic is narrow enough so that you can really drive points home throughout the article. Once a topic has been narrowed down and is easier to tackle, write a few rounds of rough drafts that include the most important points you intend to convey to your audience. After writing a few drafts, you will have the key components necessary that you need to flesh out into a winning business article that will capture your audience.

4. Perform Topic Research

Research is integral to writing an excellent article for a business that includes the core details and statistics to prove the statements mentioned. There are a number of details that can be included in your business article that can create the desired effect. They include - but are not limited to – quotes from noted people, statistics, short stories about yourself or someone relevant to the business, and media references. Once you have collected everything necessary to write your article, gather all contents into a folder or an e-document. This information should be somewhere easily accessible in case you need to verify or edit any at a later date. This is the part of the process that involves tinkering around with the data you have to craft a business article that flows well and sounds convincing from start to finish.

5. Analyze the Gathered Data

Now comes the part of the process where you will apply all the dynamics of your business to any theories you have gathered. The data you have collected should answer any questions you believe require answers for your audience, which in turn leads to positive business decisions and recommendations for improvement. The solutions outlined here are the very steps necessary to enable your business to meet its goals. This is also the part of the business article where you may want to include any deadlines that would like to meet in the upcoming year.


Crafting and writing a business article takes some organization but can be made easier by following the above steps to produce content that establishes a great impression for readers and presents a clear picture that will ultimately resonate with the audience. Before you formally present your work, you should test it out with a few trusted individuals to confirm which points work and which areas may need restructuring. Once the business article communicates effectively what you are trying to convey, then you will know it is ready to release to the masses.

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