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Bulk Content Writing Services: 7 Tips For Outsourcing Content

If you have the privilege of serving a lot of SEO clients, you might want to consider outsourcing part of, if not all of your fulfillment processes to a reputable content writing service. Handling the creation of newsletters, landing pages, articles, eBooks, whitepapers, and whatever other services your agency offers can quickly become overwhelming if you are relying only on internal sources to deliver projects for your clients.

It makes tremendous sense for a lot of agencies, these days, to outsource part, if not all, of their fulfillment processes to other digital agencies or services that specialize in certain areas. This tends to be the case because it allows for your agency to maintain a low overhead while maximizing your ability to take on more projects, more profitably.

Bulk Content Writing Services: 7 Tips For Outsourcing Content

What Is a Bulk Content Writing Service

A bulk content writing service is a company that handles large orders of content in bulk. Typically these companies specialize in delivering content like blog posts, SEO content, website content, social media content, product descriptions, and whitepapers. Most content writing services typically work with agencies and small businesses and a per-project or recurring payment plan. Typically bulk content writing services can:

  • Handle a large amount of content on a short turnaround

  • Assign professional writers to work on projects based on the project and the writer’s experiences

  • Create consistent, high-quality content like blog posts and web content

  • Offer affordable pricing to accommodate for large-scale projects

  • Offer your agency or business a dedicated account manager to communicate with about topics or issues

Types of Bulk Content Writing Services

Most content writing services have the capacity to offer an abundance of different content creation services. Because they have content writers that specialize in creating certain types of content, it makes it easier for you as an agency to get consistently high-quality content for your clients. Depending on the content writing service, can get typically purchase bulk content writing projects that include:

  • Article writing

  • eBooks

  • Newsletters

  • Product Descriptions

  • City and location pages

  • Product description

  • Social media posts

  • Landing page copy

  • Whitepapers

  • Scholarly content

7 Tips When Outsourcing Content to Content Writing Services

As an agency, your job is to deliver flawless content to your clients, each and every single time. With that amount of pressure, you must be selective when choosing the right content writing partner. In this section, we are going to cover 7 tips you can use to ensure you are choosing the best content writing service to partner with to write content for your clients.

Determine the Scope of Your Project(s)

Each content writing project is going to be different from the last one so it’s important to know what the requirements are for your projects. Ask yourself...Do I need recurring content each week?, What type of content do I need? Do I need content uploaded to my site? What payment structure am I looking for?

Asking yourself these types of questions, beforehand, will provide you with some type of grounding when evaluating potential white-label services.

You will want to know how much your partner charges for content so that way you can factor in your margin when selling to your clients.

Set the Quality Standards for Content

It goes without saying that all content writing services aren’t created equally. Some content writing services use highly-vetted professional content writers, with years of experience, while others offer services with low-quality writers to keep prices cheap. You will want to set the quality standards of your content beforehand by investigating the type of writers each white-label service offers.

In most cases, the content writing service will allow you to view content writing samples they have created for past clients. If the writing service you are considering doesn’t allow you to look over samples, move on the evaluating another service that does since you can’t afford to not deliver your client’s quality.

Set Up a Phone Discussions or Demo

Setting up a phone discussion with a potential white-label partner can help you get a feel for their processes. Typically, they will walk you through how things work and how you can get unique content with their service. This also allows you to ask them questions and get a better feel of how to structure your offerings are their service. You can ask questions like:

  • How does your pricing work?

  • Do you have a word count limit?

  • How do you check for copyright issues?

  • Will the same writer work on my requests?

  • How much content can you handle?

Provide Consistent and Timely Feedback

Providing timely feedback with your content provider is a great way to ensure your projects continue to run smoothly. Most content writing services offer the ability to leave feedback inside your dashboard and good services will also offer complimentary revisions. Be sure to verify whether or not the service you are considering offers revisions or not.

Create a Process

Before working with a content writing service, you should come up with a process for how you intend to work with them. Will you design campaigns for your clients and then outsource the content writing part to a third-party? Will you let your clients purchase content a la carte and then you fulfill those orders with third-party writing service?

Creating a process that covers everything from the type of services you offer to how you come up with ideas for your clients should all be covered. Will you hire somebody like a virtual assistant to be the liaison between you and the writing service or will you handle it all yourself? Taking a little bit of time to answer these questions will allow you to design a process that can allow you to streamline your deliveries.

Choose The Right Partner

When deciding to work with a white-label content creation service, the biggest factor in whether or not the relationship will be harmonious is choosing the right partner. You are going to want to work with a company that aligns with your agency or business and who is able to consistently deliver on the topics and services your business requires.

At ContentMates, we offer white-label content writing services for our clients and have created a proven process for delivering content by matching businesses and agencies with writers to work with on an ongoing basis. This results in their being more congruency in your orders and better content from skilled writers you can rely on continuously for content.

All of our plans are month-to-month subscriptions allowing you to scale your service up-and-down each month as you require. Contact us for a demo.

Decide Who Your Customers Will Be

Deciding who your customers are going to will paint a better picture for you when it comes to determining your goals. Are you targeting SaaS companies needing help ranking in search engines? Are you helping content marketers create Facebook ads to generate more business?

Deciding who your customers will help you set a clear picture of how to help them. It allows gives you a better understanding of how to target them and convert them into customers.


Bulk content writing services can be extremely valuable to your business or agency. They allow you to scale up your content creation in a way most agencies cannot when solely relying on internal resources.

Choosing the right content writing service to partner with is crucial for you to effectively serve your clients. You should be prepared when speaking with potential white-label partners and should know things like how much content you need and what types of services you require.

If you are looking for ways to scale your content creation for either yourself or your clients, you should consider scheduling a demo with one of our growth managers. We create white-label and ghostwritten content for dozens of small businesses and agencies and can help you profitably serve your clients.

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