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This article should be written about the pros and cons of hiring a graphic designer. Include details on how to hire a designer, where to find a good one, and the average cost of hiring a designer. 

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Our convenient dashboard lets you order and manage all your content in one location. Order content, at the click of a button, and tell us the details of each project you need completed without long and confusing emails. You will be able to tell us:

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Once your content is complete and has been proofread and grammar checked, you will receive a notification that your content is available for your review via email and your dashboard. You will be able to download your content straight from your dashboard or view it through Google Docs. You will have 10 days to review and request any needed changes. 

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Thanks, Rachel! Looks great. I will let you know my feedback in the next few hours.

Perfect! In the meantime, I will begin working on your press release. 

Just finished reviewing the article and it looks great. Please mark it as complete!👏👏

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