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Basic Information
What is Content Mates?


Content Mates is a premium content solution that connects businesses with talented writers. We're in the business of creating content that helps companies grow and generate more revenue. 

Where are your writers based?


Our writers work remotely and are scattered throughout the United States. We take the time to thoroughly vet all applicants and test and screen all writers that are selected to work with our customers. 

Feel comfortable knowing you will work one-on-one with a talented Native-English speaking writer that has experience writing content in your industry. 

What type of businesses do you work with? 


We deliver content to agencies and businesses in over 30 different industries ranging from blockchain SaaS technology to baking and cooking recipes.


We work with businesses and agencies big and small ranging from one-man shows to enterprise level teams.  

What makes you different from other content creation services? 


Unlike many other content writing services, we take time to learn about your business and your audience in order to pair you up with a writer to work with for the long-term. 

Most other content services automatically disperse your content request to the next available writer. Not us! We make sure your paired with a writer that cares about your brand's vision. 

Billing Questions
How do your monthly subscriptions works?


Your monthly subscriptions starts the moment you sign up and allows you to request a certain number of words each month from talented writer hand-selected for you. Use your subscription to request blog articles, eBooks, and more split however you like over your requests. 

Is there a free trial?


We do not offer a free trial since we have to pay our writers for the content they writer. With that being said, we do offer a money-back-guarantee if you decide you do not like the first article you receive and request a refund within 7 days. 

What if I need to pause my plan?


You can pause your plan for up to 30 days by reaching out to us at and asking us to pause your account.

What if I want to upgrade my plan?


You can upgrade your plan at anytime of the month. Simply contact us letting us know you wish to upgrade your plan and we will upgrade your plan to cover your needed word count.

Content Creation
Will my writer perform topic research?


Of course! Our writers are proven to go above and beyond when it comes to writing content. They will take the type to get familiar with any topic you present to them and will ask you questions if any come up. 

What is the turnaround time? 


The typical turnaround time for a 2,000 word article is about 3 business days. For shorter content, the turnaround time can be anywhere from 1-2 business days.

Can my writer publish content directly to my blog?


This is an extra feature with an added charge we can arrange if you would like your writer to publish content directly to your website. In order to set this up, you can request this feature by contacting us by email or through your dashboard.

Is the content optimized for Google?


Again, of course! Our writers are professionals. They will make sure the content you received is optimized to do well in search-engines without all the bad techniques like keyword stuffing.

What if I'm not happy with the content?


If you find yourself unhappy with the deliverables, you have three ways you can proceed. You can either request revisions until you feel the articles are satisfactory, you can request a different writer to work with, or you can cancel your service with us.

Where can I read samples?


Our blog consists of content that's only supplied by our writers. You can read through it to see where our content standards are and also learn various strategies on marketing and lead generation.


Here's a link to our blog.

Contact Information
How do I communicate with my writer?


Communicating with your writer is very easy through your dashboard. You can message your writer within each task you assign to ask for revisions, changes, or make suggestions. 

How do I get in touch with customer support? 


You can contact customer support by either using our contact us page or by sending an email to

We will always get back you within 1 business day or less.

Will my writer work in my time-zone?


Our writers are scatted in various time-zones throughout the United States, so we can't promise your writer will work in your time-zone. With that being said, your writer is trained to be very responsive and will always respond to your messages within one business day or less.

How do I setup a demo?


You can setup a demo with us by visiting this page at anytime and completing the form. 

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